La Restinga

La Restinga

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La Restinga, village in the municipality of El Pinar, Canary Islands, It is located in the south of the island of El Hierro is the most extreme and meridioal population center in Spain and political Europe.

La Restinga is a town dedicated mainly to fishing, where almost everything revolves around his renovated port. It has numerous small black sand beaches along its coastline. For some years it has grown, both resident population, and tourists visiting their companies dedicasdas to diving. This sport, is the main attraction in the economic and social model is based Village. There are many clubs that dedicate their activity to sell products and services related to diving. La Restinga has organized periodically from year 1995 traditional and internationally known Open Fotosub, where are given appointment experienced divers photographers countless countries and nations. The people of La Restinga have managed to combine this sporting activity in its waters with traditional fishing model. This relationship has been possible thanks to the Marine Reserve of La Restinga, as well as the Sea of ​​Calm, which has helped and encouraged the underwater biodiversity.

The village of La Restinga is also famous worldwide for being the place where its waters a submarine eruption took place relatively recently. This happened last day 11 October 2011. This eruptive process ended with the departure, at various points of the seabed, out loud. These outlets were located approximately magma about 3 miles offshore. This volcanic process is an attraction for visitors to El Hierro, specifically, for the people of La Restinga.



Sports and nature

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Culture and history

La Restinga, typical fishing village on the island of El Hierro, was influenced in the early years 60 with immigration from La Gomera, who helped to bloom this town.

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